Hello, my name is Doug Beimler. I started my career in the automotive repair industry in 1978. In the years to follow, I worked for many different facilities ranging from gas stations (when they were still "service" stations) to dealerships; there were various specialty shops and general repair shops in the mix also. As I continued to study and learn, I witnessed owners, managers, and technicians lying, cheating, and stealing from their customers, employees, and fellow technicians. As I found this out about a shop, I would go work for somebody else. One year I changed jobs so many times I had more W-2's than there were months in the year. It was at that point I set my goal on opening my own shop. Several years later on February 1, 1993, my wife Sue and I were blessed with the opportunity to open our own shop. We started out in Quartz Hill by renting two service bays in a gas station. We called it "Quartz Hill Automotive". During the following 3 years my customers were telling me I was a car doctor. They would come in and tell me their car needed to see the doctor. I thought The Car Doctor would be a great name for my shop. I did a search and found that “The Car Doctor” was trademarked so I did not use it. Since I am not the only technician here I thought about using “The Car Doctors” instead. I spoke with a trademark attorney about using “The Car Doctors” instead of “The Car Doctor” and was told it is to close and would probably not be granted. We soon outgrew our space. In 1996 we were presented with an opportunity to grow and purchased our current location in Lancaster. I again searched “The Car Doctor” and it was still trademarked. We shortened our name to "QH Automotive". In 1998 we incorporated as "Quartz Hill Automotive Inc.". We have continued to grow and have attracted some of the finest professionals in the industry. We all share the same ideals of quality, honesty, and integrity. I periodically continued to search the status of “The Car Doctor” and in March of 2014 its status was called “dead”. I immediately filled out a trademark application and sent it in. About a year later and jumping through many hoops I was awarded the trademark “The Car Doctors”. Now over 20 years of waiting and checking has paid off and we are changing our name. I assure you that nothing else is changing except the name. We are honoring all warranty claims and anything else related to QH Automotive. We are looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with our customers and have received very positive comments about the change.

It is our goal to earn your trust with all of your automotive needs.

Code Of Ethics

  1. Always be honest with our customers and ourselves.
  2. To perform high quality service at a fair and just price.
  3. Always honor our quoted prices.
  4. To stay current in our education to keep up with technology and provide timely cost effective repairs and maintenance.
  5. To research and provide only proven merchandise of the highest quality distributed by reputable firms to ensure our customers true value for their hard earned money.
  6. To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual customer.
  7. To employ the best skilled personnel obtainable.
  8. To refrain from advertisements which are false or misleading or likely to confuse or deceive the customer.