More Testimonials...

"Always friendly!"
Sherry Lilley

"QH has been great! The two year/24 month warranty is backed up fully."
(Carlos, Visiting from New Mexico).

"Service was quick but thorough."
Connie Smith

"I'm very happy with the service I received at QH Automotive"

And you get a flower at the end of each visit!!! Very nice touch!! QH Auto is the best!!!
Brenda Fukae

"QH is one of the best automotive shops I've ever been to. They are honest and thorough. It's a pleasure doing business with them. Thanks"

"Always the friendliest"
Patricia Emerson

"They did a stellar job on my automobile. They started work on it as soon as I got there, located the problem, and repaired it immediately. I could not have asked for better and the price was fair and reasonable to boot!"

"Rick is very professional and personable at the same time. Explained what was to be done and did not take all day."

"They do the job right each and every time."
Sharon Byers

"Went above and beyond my expectations!

"Great service"

"They are really honest and good to work with! Very nice people and they did great work! We've been looking for a good mechanic for awhile. I think we found one! Highly recommend!!

"I turned on the cruise control without even thinking and suddenly my accelerator was no longer working and I was coasting. My check engine light also turned on I pulled over and called AAA again to get me towed to my Kia dealership. The lady on the phone stated that there was an AAA approved automotive shop near by (QH automotive) and decided to go there instead. I had heard about them and I decided to take my chances. I dropped off my car at QH automotive and they did the job right!"

"Fast service - as always!"
Cheryl/Richard Olmstead

"Quick and very professional. The workers are so sweet and helpful. Will be bringing all my vehicles in the future."

"QH Automotive has always done an excellent job of taking care of my vehicle. They always make sure that I understand what is wrong with my vehicle and what needs to be done to fix it. Every oil change includes an inspection of things such as fluids and brakes so that I know what maintenance needs to be performed as well. Every experience has been fantastic."

"This is the best place to go for the friendliest shop in AV. You won't get better service or warranty anywhere in AV!"
Patricia Emerson

"Excellent as always. Car is running perfect."

"Service in a timely manner. Would recommend their service and will use again in the future myself."
Denise Vandeventer

"My car was even better than when I drove in. Great care - for the the money spent."

"We used to The Car Doctors of the Antelope valley since AAA recommended their business and because of their ASE association."

"These guys are terrific. They knew exactly what was wrong with my vehicle. Fixed it in about two days, which blew me away. I was thinking I would get it back in a week. So great turn around time. Called with updates and kept me informed. Was able to do the repair aswell as get the vehicle smoged. It's a one stop shop. Anyhow I really appreciate what they did. Great shop and if I need anything else done there I will definitely be returning. Recommend this auto place to everyone! Thanks again qh automotive."
Mirra Watkins

"Thanks for the great service my vehicle was checked when Rick estimated it would be."

"They are professional and polite. They did what they said they were going to do."
Arthur Schwarzentraub

"Great honest auto repair. Had my Transmission and Clutch replaced. Fast and friendly service. Price as quoted. Couldn't be happier."
Walter K.

"Complete and fast results. I'm thankful for your shop."
Tom Hart

"I will definitely come back for all my car's repair and service needs. Valencia Acura gets the goodbye kiss."
Jeanne Littman

"We have been QH customers for many years. They have never let us down and keep all of our vehicles in great shape.
Cynthia (Renee)

"I've got a '90 Blazer. The water pump had failed and the work was completed the next day - on Friday. This allowed me to have the vehicle in working order during the weekend. This is real service. They also repaired worn out parts that they found while inspecting the vehicle."

"My second experience here; pleasant staff. I was very surprised at how quickly the work was completed; I expected my car to be in the shop for at least a week. My car runs great. I definitely recommend QH Automotive."

"Highly efficient and honest shop!"

"The best auto repair experience for me EVER!"

"Unfortunately I was unable to leave my auto but customer service was amazing I would definitely return"
Leroy F.

"Don't go anywhere else if you want it done right the first time."
Laquita Flowers

"QH Automotive does a thorough and fantastic job. They are honest and always provide great customer service.
"They are magnificent! Doug is one of the nicest and most reputable people I have ever met. It was his policy to guarantee his work and parts for a period that doubled that of the manufacturer! It's reasons like this that keep me coming back!"
Albert A.